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CSE Chiang Sung Enterprise Co., bob亚洲体育is a Taiwan-based corporation with professional dedication in the manufacture and exporting of sanitary, pharmaceutical, and vacuum fittings business.

CSE was founded thirty years ago by a group of specialists with years of experience in product research, design, management and quality control. The company now is located in Changhua County, the center of Taiwan. Mr. Roger Shi is the great wizard behind the curtain who started from stone and sand since 1993.

The company has now dominated the realm for over 30 years and we always stay on growing and expanding. No matter in technology, quality or even new product, CSE is one of the best in this business field. It is the fact that working side by side with suppliers, partners or even competitions, CSE will be leading the way and discovering new territory in the purity hygiene business.

For decades, CSE enjoys a good reputation among highly numerous customers who believes in CSE’s 100% dedication on new product research, modification of old types and oven cases of OEM and ODM.

With that, we surf from food grade to pharmaceutical world and to the field of semi-conductor business. During this long time, thanks to every valuable customers, CSE could walk across the thunder storm and regardless of the terrible world economy, make it to sales record year after year.

Established in: 1993
Business Type: OEM Manufacturer ODM Manufacturer Value Added Reseller Hygienic Valve, Fitting & Equipment
Markets: North America West Europe East Europe / Russia World-Wide
Main Products: Pneumatic Actuator, Butterfly Valve, Check Valve, Sight Glass, Union, Ferrules, Clamps, BPE Pipe Fittings
No. of Employee: 800~1000
Location: Taiwan
Factory: Taiwan / Thailand / China
ISO and/or Other Safety/Quality Approvals: ISO 9001
Contact Detail
CEO: Mr. Roger Shi
Contact: Mr. Jimmie Wu , Mr. Eddy
Address: No.65 Sheng Kung 1st Rd, Pei Tou, Industrial Park, Changhua County, 521 Taiwan
TEL: +886-4-887-6919
FAX: +886-4-887-6918
Email: ;
ZIP: 52149