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sample valve- Pharma


Stainless steel Aseptic sampling valve sanitary valve

It is widely used in semiconductors, biopharmaceutical industry, food, dairy products, breweries and beverages, and so on. It is convenient for customers to analyze samples collected from piping systems or storage tanks. It can also be assembled at the bottom of the tank or at the end of the pipe for slag discharge. The shape and interior of the injection valve are treated with CSE specially designed for high-purity fluid equipment, with zero dead angles to avoid the risk of bacterial accumulation.

The surface finish of the valve, our valves are polished to meet ASME BPE standards.


  • Surface finish of the valve
    • Machined surface
    • Mechanical polishing
    • Mirror polishing
    • Electrolytic polishing... RA
  • Material:
    • SS316L
  • Size:
    • 1/2”-2”.
  • Connection ends:
    • Clamp/ Weld/ or Male, Female end.

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