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Steam Aseptic Divert valve


The design of the steam sterilization seat valve (Shut-Off valve, Divert Aseptic Valve)is preventing the Bacteria to polluting the valve inner chamber when the spindle moves up for contact with outside not sterilization Air.

The sterilization chamber uses high temperature steam to completely sterilize the spindle to avoid any pollution into the Valve Inner chamber.

Aseptic control valves are widely used in applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology and ultra-clean applications. CSE provides convenient maintenance, disassembly and installation design. The valve body adopts 316L anti-corrosion material and aseptic special PTFE seat. The surface finish also reaches the 0.6 Ra standard for aseptic applications. If you need a higher quality surface finish than 0.6 Ra, you can apply to CSE.

CSE can also provide various directional valves for different applications.

bob体育平台网站老虎机 Specification

  • Material:
    • Valve body: SS316L
    • Sterilize Block: SS304
  • Valve Size:
    • 1/2"-4"
  • Valve Connection
    • clamp ends
    • welding ends
    • male and female ends
  • Steam Nozzle
    • NPT 5/16 thread

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