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Combine difference Mutual flow port and flow angle, function for complete Diaphragm valve design.

CSE use purity Block or Bar material with High technical Precision Machining process for aseptic inner flow design.

  • Surface Finished:
    • Surface can be meet SF1 Ra
  • Assembly:
    • The multi-port direction valve body is convenient to connect to different tubing-lines which can save installation time and space, it can also be designed according to customized requirements as multi-angle or installing location.
  • Function:
    • Mostly used for sampling or production and steam applications. It can simplify the traditional valve combination configuration, and the design that can reduce the dead angle and ensure complete drainage to achieve the effect of sterilization.

bob亚洲体育注册网站 Specifications

  • Material:
    • Body: Forged/316L
    • Diaphragm: EPDM+PTFE/NC or NO
  • Connection
    • Clamp End/Weld End…
  • Body Type
    • Direct Connection (Two Way)/Equal T / Reducing T/U-Point…
  • Operation
    • Normal Open / Normal Close
  • W ork Temp
    • Diaphragm: EPDM+PTFE (-10ºC~150ºC)
  • Work Pressure
    • Max: 10 Bar
  • Surface
    • SF1: ID Polished to Ra≤0.5μm / SF4: EP Finished to Ra􀀀0.38μm
      ID/OD Mirror Polished & ID Ra≤0.5μm / OD Sand Blasted…

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