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KF/ISO/ICF - vacuum flanges are used to connect pipe ends with equipment and valves. Vacuum flange for semiconductor industry. Allowing various equipment to be connected, as well as vacuum maintenance, monitoring and operation from outside the vacuum chamber.


KF flange (Small flange) -The ISO standard quick release flange is known by the names Quick Flange (QF) or NW. It has a counterbore or slot for joint with O-centering ring, easy and suitable for joint with Vacuum pipe line for complete system.

Size option:


ISO flange (Clamping flange) is symmetrical, so the parts can rotate. The ISO-KF vacuum flange system allows for the rapid construction of high vacuum systems without welding or brazing, and supports quick and easy cleaning or modification of the vacuum system.

ISO centering ring can not only align the flange, but also fix the O-ring In place. ISO HV flanges (limited by the characteristics of O-rings) are suitable for applications with temperatures between ~0° C and 120-180° C and pressures from atmospheric to ~10 -8 Torr or mbar.

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ICF (CF) is a higher vacuum FLANGE. It is suitable for the vacuum chamber to link the main body of the ultra-high vacuum equipment and vacuum pump system or other higher vacuum connections.

ICF flange (Con Flat Flange) is separate to fixed type, rotating type, screw bolt hole type and threaded type. Let Flange be completely fixed, and there is a raised sharp edge inside. It is made of an all-metal seal by squeezing a copper gasket to deform it to achieve the purpose of sealing the vacuum. Widely used in ultra-high vacuum field equipment.

The working pressure range of the seal is 760 Torr (1013 mbar) to <1 x 10 -13 Torr (<1.3 x 10 -13mbar), and in the temperature range of -196° C to 450° C (depending on the material。

  • Seal pressure range:
    • 760 Torr (1013 mbar) ~ <1 x 10 -13 Torr (<1.3 x 10 -13mbar)
  • Seal Temperature range:
    •  -196° C ~ 450° C (depends on material)
  • Size:
    • CSE provides OD inch, ISO, and A312 A full-size flange services.
  • Material:
    • SS304
    • 304L
    • 316L
    • other special requirements.
  • Surface Finished:
    • Mechanical processing, electrolytic polishing.

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