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BPE Fittings

BPE Fittings

BPE Fittings


ASME BPE pipe fittings are used in high-purity markets like PIC/S GMP certified facilities, such as biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. They require strict purity to ensure that no bacteria remain in the production process. BPE welding fittings are produced in accordance with ASME BPE 2019 standard follow up the dimensional tolerances, inner surface finish (Ra), and materials. According to the ASME BPE DT table, CSE can be supply the various sizes, up to 6 inches.

CSE GROUP offers various shapes, end connections, configurations, dimensions and inner surface finish options SF1~SF6 that comply with ASME BPE standards. To prevent damage and contamination, all BPE hygienic fittings are inspected and packaged in CLASS 10,000 clean room to get capped and transported in transparent bags. After strict inspection by CSE, each BPE fitting will be laser on the pipe fittings according to ASME BPE-2019 symbol requirement, and a material test report (MTR) will be provided.


  • ASTM A270-2015 S2
    • SF1 ID Pol. Ra<0.5μm/ OD Pol. Ra<0.8μm
    • SF4 ID EP Finished Ra<0.38μm/ OD Pol. Ra<0.8μm
  • CSE BPE EP products with following advantages:
    • Homogeneously EP layer to minimize rouging
    • Higher chrome concentration for better corrosion
    • Guaranteed smoothness of all internal surfaces to reduce Bio film
  • Dimension:
    • 1/2" ~6"
  • Material: low sulphur
    • ASTM SS316L, S:≦ 0.005% ~ 0.017%,

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