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DIN 11864&11853


The DIN series of aseptic accessories are developed by the German hygiene industry and are usually used in industrial processing systems for liquid media with high purity requirements. DIN 11864 series are applying for long-end connections. DIN 11853 series are working for short-end connections.

The design of the aseptic threaded joint can ensure that the O-ring part is inserted into the O-ring fixed collar connection to avoid squeezing, ensuring that the components are connected in a smooth, gap-free and O-ring connection to reduce residue retention And effectively improve production efficiency and reduce cleaning time. CSE uses durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel 316L to produce DIN aseptic series components, which are widely used in aseptic applications such as biopharmaceuticals.

O-ring joints and groove seals are identical in the two standards.

DIN 11864-1, Threaded connections with long ends

DIN 11864-2, Flange connections with long ends

DIN 11864-3, Clamp connections with long ends

DIN 11853-1, Threaded connections with short ends

DIN 11853-2, Flange connections with short ends

DIN 11853-3, Clamp connections with short ends

To meet the strict demands of the biotechnology, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries.

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