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3A 博九娱乐城开户网址s

3A 博九娱乐城开户网址s



CSE provide kinds of unions which can be divided into 3A union, DIN union, SMS union, RJT union, IDF union...etc. according to different specifications. However, CSE has obtained the 3A license certification, and strictly controls the quality and hygiene of its products.
These materials can be used in food, dairy products, beverages, meat processing, vacuum processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and many other industries. The material test report (MTR) can be used to record all heat numbers.
The sanitary 3A ferrule provided by CSE is made by forging. short welded ferrules-14WMP, medium welded ferrules-14MMP, long welded ferrules-14AMP (L14AM7), rolled expansion ferrules-14RMP, can welded ferrules (light)-14WLMP, can welded ferrules (heavy) -14MPW, Tygon hose connector-14MPHT, rubber hose connector-14MPHR
All our 3A ferrules can be matched with 3A-16AMP blank end caps made of solid rods, 3A-Clamp and Seal 13PG, 13FG and other adapters.

3A union is composed of 3A-13H HEX. NUT, 3A-14PRF WELD LINER, 3A-15TRF WELD MALE.
CSE offers a wide variety of clamp fittings in 304 and 316L material in sizes from 1/2" to 12".
The materials are offered for food, dairy, beverage, meat processing, vacuum processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, and many other industries. Our products have earned the 3A symbol, which requires an annual assessment to make certain each product conforms in all respects to the published standard. It is necessary you specify at the time of order heat numbers and MTR's are required. Material Test Reports (MTR's) are available to document all heat number.
Sanitary 3A Ferrules that CSE offers are made by forged. Service Short Weld Ferrules- 14WMP, Middle Weld Ferrules- 14MMP Long weld ferrules- 14AMP (L14AM7), Roll- On Expanding Ferrules- 14RMP, Tank Weld Ferrules( light duty)- 14WLMP, Tank Weld Ferrules( heavy duty)- 14MPW, Tygon Hose Adapters- 14MPHT, Rubber Hose Adapters- 14MPHR
All of our 3A Ferrules could be conformed with 3A-16AMP Blank End Cap which is made by solid bar, 3A- Clamp and Seal 13PG, 13FG as well as other Adapters.

bob体育平台网站官方入口 Product specifications:

  • Size:
    • 3A 博九娱乐城开户网址s and Adapters: 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3"and 4".
    • 3A Ferruels: from 1/2" up to 12".
  • Stainless steel material:
    • 304
    • 316
    • 316L
  • Gasket material:
    • EPDM
    • VITON
  • Roughness:
    • The roughness of the product can directly reach Ra0.8um in the turning process.

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Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • FOB: Keelung