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The standard pneumatic/manual two-way diaphragm valve body is made of forged or casting 316L stainless steel, which meets the ASME BPE surface standard. For many years, CSE Group has always adhered to the highest principles of reaching "minimum residual volume" and "zero dead angle" when designing diaphragm valves. A uniform surface for kept purity fluid maintain stable quality. Theαangle design of the valve body also allows the cleaning liquid to be completely drain out  without causing stagnation to maintain a sterile cavity. In addition, cast or Forged valve bodies can be provided according to customer requirements.

CSE GROUP Diaphragm valves

According & Approval by PIC/S GMP standard  also qualify by National Institutes of Health (NHRI)...and other famous pharmaceutical companies.

The design of this diaphragm valve can be widely used in systems with high aseptic requirements such as food, beverage, dairy products, brewing, biopharmaceutical fields and water for injection.


  • Material:
    • Body:Forged/316L
    • Diaphragm:EPDM+PTFE/NC or NO
      The seal of Diaphragm is exchangeable
      with GEMU
  • Connection:
    • Clamp end/weld end
  • Body type:
    • Direct connection(two way)/equal T/
      reducing T/U-point.....
  • Operation:
    • Normal open/normal close
  • Work temp:
    • Diaphragm:EPDM+PTFE(-10°C~150°C)
  • Work pressure:
    • Max:10 Bar
  • Surface:
    • SF1:ID polished to Ra≦0.5μm
    • SF4:EP finished to Ra≦0.38μm
    • ID/OD mirror polished & ID Ra≦0.5μm/OD sand blasted.....

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